Has Rahul Gandhi's 'hug' and 'wink' increased his craze?

Though the parliament began yesterday with an agenda to discuss on important debate ‘no-confidence motion’, Rahul Gandhi has hijacked the house with his surprising act. After breathing fire on Modi’s governance, Rahul Gandhi who stole the show by hugging PM Modi which shocked many.
Rahul Gandhi set the tone — if not the agenda — for 2019, with an unequivocal message that love and tolerance, not hatred and lynchings, was the way forward for India, indeed, that there was no substitute for the Gandhian ideals of truth and non-violence.

After the never-before-hug Rahul Gandhi was seen turning to one of his cheering colleagues and winking.
Soon, the inevitable happened. Rahul Gandhi was compared to Priya Prakash Warrier, who floored the world with her charming wink.

Though his wink and hug drew falk from few politicians and speaker, Rahul Gandhi has gained an immense following on social media. But, what about his dream of dethroning Modi and occupying the PM’s seat?