While the whole world is celebrating Valentine’s Day and you are left worried about being single forever, then think again. You will be highly relieved to know that you are happy in your own space for being single.

Here are some people who know exactly how quickly Valentine’s date can turn sour.

Dumped The Day Before.

A man who prefers to remain anonymous shared his sad story when he was dumped by his girlfriend just a day before Valentine’s Day. While he wept on Valentine’s Day recollecting the fond memories, the girl, on the other hand, learned to move on and went on a dinner date with one of her best friend leaving the guy in nothing but tears and pain.

The Argumentative Date.

Allie admits that she has spent a whole lot of her day on Valentine’s Day weeping in the toilet of a Moroccan restaurant because she had a heated argument.

“They’d decided to cram all the couples into one room, rather than spread us out across the two rooms, and it was incredibly cramped and awkward,” she says. “Especially given both of us were in such a bad mood. We ended up just gobbling the food down in silence and then had an [another] argument when we got home.” Surprisingly, the pair split up not long after.

Cheater’s Gonna Cheat.

“My boyfriend cheated on me just over a month before Valentine’s Day but we decided to give it another go,” said an unhappy Valentine Angela (not her real name).

The couple agreed they’d make an effort for Valentine’s Day, despite the fact they’d be spending 14 February apart. Angela, who loves him immensely made a box full of his favorite things that chocolates, coffee, a framed photo and everything he loved. “It cost a lot to send this Valentine’s box down to him but I wanted to make the effort like he said we should,” she recalls.

Though she gave her best to her love, what did she get in return? Three days before Valentine’s, Angela arrived home to find a box had been left outside her flat containing flowers that were half dead. “That was all he did. He couldn’t even get them delivered on an actual day,” she says. “I was so embarrassed, I didn’t tell him I received them. And on Valentine’s Day when he received my box and obviously felt guilty, he said: ‘You could’ve told me you were going to go to that much effort, now my looks shit.’ Dick.”

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