Regardless the gender, human beings tend to go crazy on the food cravings. The hormone expert Alisa Vitti believes your cravings are always trying to tell you something.

“In most cases, cravings have to do with the body calling out for specific micronutrients — so salt cravings can indicate a magnesium deficiency, and dairy cravings could indicate a calcium deficiency,” she explained. “If you’re craving sweets or carbs, you probably have an essential fatty acid deficiency.”

According to Vitti and Vora, Cravings are usually less gender-based and more on hormone imbalances and micronutrient deficiencies. But cravings might slightly vary based on the difference in nutritional needs.

The biggest question is what one should do when the cravings hit you? Vitti responds to this with a simple answer. She suggests an app MyFLO which helps the users learn what their cravings mean and which healthy foods will satisfy those cravings during specific times of a woman’s cycle.

According to Vora, whether you feed a craving really depends. “The only compass you really need is this: Are you craving real food, such as meat, fish, eggs, poultry, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, starchy vegetables or fermented food? Or are you craving drug-like food, such as ice cream, pizza, crackers, and cheese, or sugar? If the craving is for real food, trust your body’s wisdom and honor the craving.”

If it’s more of a “drug-like” craving, it’s better you keep avoiding it. “Sometimes, though, the self-loving choice is to eat that one thing that will hit the spot and give you pleasure, even if it’s drug-like comfort food,” Vora added. “Sometimes there’s more to life than just optimal physical health, and satisfying a deep yearning for a particular culinary experience can be an act of radical self-love.”

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