Where does beauty come from? Is it from the places we visit or just from our imagination? All that you need to do is just to explore. At times, something which we hated the most would eventually become our passion and love of life if we develop liking towards it.

Nupur Roopa has come across a similar incident in her life and shares an interesting anecdote about her dislike for knitting in early days which later turned her passion.

Nupur who spent most of her childhood around the discussions of wool, needles and knitting was averse of the art. Though her mom, and aunts were experts in it, she never had interest as knitting seemed a rocket science and she was scared of the amount of patience it needed.

But, she was forced to learn knitting as a compulsory project when in 8th standard. Despite her reluctance towards the art, she had no other option but to learn to pass out of the 8th class.

Though she couldn’t knit the cardigan on her own, she got passed with her mother’s help. Now, after years, she became an expert in knitting and debating about knitting with her mother has become a hobby.

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