Here's the clarity on closure of banks from September 1st

The past few days has been a worrisome news for the people after social media buzz that a weekend followed by Janmashtami and a two-day bank strike by Reserve Bank of India employees could paralyze banking operations in several parts of the country.
As per the widely circulated news, the banks would remain closed from September 1 to September 5, and even the ATM’s might not function. However, National Organization of Bank Workers Vice President Ashwani Rana has clarified that banks will largely remain open there will be no impact on the functioning of ATMs.

“The message going around in the social media that banks will be closed for six days in the first week of September due to holidays and bank strike is not correct,” Mr. Rana told.
“It’s only the RBI employees who are going on mass casual leave on September 4-5 for demands related to Provident Fund and pension. This will not have much impact on the day-to-day operations of the other public and private sector banks,” Mr, Rana added.