Do you experience goosebumps all of sudden and quite often? Then, you should read this piece. In general, chills are of two types that cause a physiological response: the shivers you get from a physical stimulus (for example, your body’s reaction to feeling cold) and those that come from an emotional stimulus (like seeing a happy ending to a story).

So, based on the type of chill, one experiences the goosebumps.

A board-certified dermatologist based in New York, Hadley King said, “Scientists theorize that it is probably an evolutionary leftover from our ancestors when we were covered with thicker hair. When we got cold, the hairs would stand up and trap a layer of air close to the skin, creating a layer of insulation.”

“When we look at research [on the chills], outside of the evolutionary response to warm ourselves, it’s music that seems to trigger it, as well as moving experiences and even movies,” said Kevin Gilliland, a Dallas-based clinical psychologist.

Gilliland said, “Anything for humans that is a subjective experience — like pain, for instance — is hard to study. But that’s what I love about it. This is one of the places where we see the bridge between the mind and the body.”

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