Here is a stunning picture of two Arctic hares in which the duo was seen giving high-five each other. The picture was captured in the snow in freezing conditions.

As the two hares fought with their front paws, it looked as if they high-fived.

The 30-year-old photographer Jonas Beyer, who is from Denmark but lives in Greenland, said: ‘It was really funny, it looked like they were celebrating with a high-five.

The photographer added, “’When I saw I had captured that moment I was really happy.The hares were digging in the snow to find food below. When a hare gets a good spot they eat as quickly as possible because other hares will try to steal the better area and it leads to a fight.”

He stated, “It was amazing to see the hares in this environment, it was -10 degrees Celsius but they were still running around. Nothing is better than being in the right spot at the right time and just observing nature.”

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