I am a Super Hero, Balakrishna's indirect attack on Pawan Kalyan

Actor and Hindupur TDP MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna who was in Hindupur to inaugurate few social welfare projects made some sensational comments during his media interaction.
When the media asked Balakrishna’s take on the recent allegations made by Pawan Kalyan in his speech in Guntur meeting, he made some sensational comments. ‘I don’t want to make someone a hero. I’m a superhero’, said Balakrishna which left the media in a huge shock.

Balakrishna’s comments became a topic of debate and the TDP are trying to cover by saying that Balakrishna has a great sense of humor and termed them as slapstick to Pawan Kalyan.
But the political analysts are of an opposite version on the same. They opined that Balakrishna is playing a safe game, as both he and Pawan Kalyan belong to the film industry and hence he didn’t make any direct comments on Pawan Kalyan.