Today, the Lok Sabha on Wednesday witnessed high drama after the AICC president Rahul Gandhi sought permission to play a purported audiotape of a Goa minister on the Rafale deal but refused to authenticate it, prompting union finance minister Arun Jaitley to accuse him speaking “lies repeatedly”.

Initiating a discussion on the Rafale deal issue, Rahul Gandhi took a scathing attack on PM Modi, claiming that he “does not have guts” to come to Parliament to confront questions on the issue and “hides” in his room.

He also rejected Modi’s claim in an interview that there was no personal allegation against him, saying this is not true as the entire nation is asking him a direct question. “He (Modi) spoke for 90 minutes in a staged interview but still did not answer questions on the Rafale issue,” Gandhi said.

Is it not true that defence ministry officials objected to the new price of ₹1,600 crore, Gandhi said, accusing Modi of favoring his “dear friend” and “failed businessman” Anil Ambani. Gandhi then sought permission to play an audiotape purportedly of a Goa minister on the Rafale issue.

Jaitley demanded if he can authenticate it, but the Congress leader said he would not do so. “He knows it is wrong and hence is scared to authenticate it,” Jaitley said, adding “this man lies repeatedly”.

“We demand JPC (joint parliamentary committee) probe, the entire country is pointing finger at Modi,” Rahul Gandhi said.

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