I was in hell for 4 years says Telford victim

A young girl who suffered hell at the hands of a Pakistani group in Telford, Britain, shared her harrowing experience on the TV show ‘Good Morning Britain’. Holly (not her real name) gave the interview without revealing her face to the camera. She said that she had been sold to the gang by her boyfriend at the age of 14.

Holly said that she had been abused by the gang for 4 years until she was 18. She also revealed instances where girls as young as 11 had been raped, given drugs and murdered by the gang. She said that the gand threatened to kill her and immolate her family if she complained to the police. She said that police had stopped the car she was traveling in with these criminals many times, but they had escaped unscathed. Holly told the viewers that she had escaped the clutches of the gang with great difficulty. She said that a man named Mubarak Ali, who worked in an Indian restaurant, had sold a 13 year old to other brokers.

The police have arrested Mubarak Ali’s brother Ahdal Ali and another person Azhar Ali Mahmood for the same crime. They have been sentenced to life imprisonment. However, other members of this gang have escaped the police and are moving about freely. It is said that almost 1000 girls are suffering at the hands of this monstrous gang.