"If Nirbhaya's mother is so beautiful..." Former DGP

Six years ago, Nirbhaya’s gang rape by 5 men in a moving bus in the country’s capital, New Delhi, shocked the nation. The nation cried as the greviously wounded Nirbhaya succumbed to her injuries. Since then, the ‘Nirbhaya awards’ are given every year in Bengaluru. This year’s award function was held on Women’s Day (March 8th). The Chief Guest at this event was Karnataks’s former DGP H.T. Sangliana. His shocking comments at this function have gone viral. These comments have come to light only recently.

Speaking at the event, Sangliana said that Nirbhaya’s mother has a ‘very very nice physique’, and that Nirbhaya would have been even more beautiful. He further said that ‘people like Nirbhaya’ attracted the attention of miscreants easily. Sangliana ignored attempts to stop his speech and, not content with these comments, proceeded to advice women that they must not resist rape, but rather yield to the rapist and file a police complaint later so as to avoid being murdered. These comments have come in for much criticism. The former DGP has since said that his disgusting comment was a ‘compliment’.