IndiGo lands in another controversy

Yet again, IndiGo landed in another controversy. This time, a passenger has alleged that the budget air carrier denied him entry into the aircraft despite him being on time. The incident took place on February 21.

The unidentified passenger recorded the same in a video and claimed that he was on time to board the flight 6E-743 travelling from Hyderabad to Goa but still the airline denied the entry into the flight saying that he was late.
In the video, the man said, “The bus even went near the aircraft but the airline staff did not allow me to board the flight saying I was late. A lady and a child, who were also on the bus, were denied entry into the aircraft.”
“We had checked in well before the flight’s departure. We were given boarding passes as well. We were allowed to board the airline bus to take us to the aircraft. If we were late, then why were we allowed to board the bus in the first place,” he asks in the video.
“This is sheer arrogance on the part of IndiGo and its staff. It’s not our fault. If it was our fault, we should not have been allowed to board the bus,” he adds.