If you are one of the many people who are victims of scary shopping ads on Instagram, you will love or panic about this news.

The social media giant announced Tuesday a new feature that allows users to shop directly on the app without being redirected to an advertiser’s website to complete a transaction.

Wisely called Checkout, the product is currently in beta and already has a growing list of 20 beauty and fashion brands. Instagram plans to include beauty brands Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian, each of whom has amassed huge successes on the platform. The fashion offers range from Zara and H & M to the most affordable, Balmain and Dior to the most upscale.



Users are required to enter their shipping and billing information only when they purchase something for the first time. Instagram will keep them for future purchases.

It is a natural choice on a platform where aesthetics reign supreme and influencers have a stifling power over the average 53 minutes per day that users spend on the app. It is also a natural step for a platform that is at the crossroads of social media and advertising, introducing and teasing various commercial developments in recent years.

A brand that fully understands and exploits this power is Revolve, one of the first brands to connect to Checkout.

“At its core, Revolve aspires to create a seamless and elevated shopping experience for our customer,” said Ryan Pabelona, ​​Revolve’s director of performance marketing, in a blog posted by Instagram. “Thanks to the new payment interface of Instagram, we are able to better serve our millennial audience by offering a new method of quick and easy purchase on a platform in which they engage.” already with our content and discover our products. ”

But as with most social media, Checkout is not an altruistic gesture that makes shopping easy. Instagram charges companies undisclosed “selling expenses”, according to TechCrunch. This suggests that the company attributes the cost of convenience to merchants.

Targeted ads are already prevalent in Instagram stories, feeds, and influencer pages. An analyst who follows Facebook predicts that Instagram ads alone will bring in more than $ 2 billion in sales this year.

And now, if the only thing that prevents you from buying this Zara jacket that you have so coveted, is the worry of getting out your credit card and entering your information on its website, you’re on the point of getting a new one.

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