Telangana leader and KCR’s nephew Harish Rao needs no introduction. In fact, he amassed a huge following in the Siddipet constituency and won as an MLA five times from the same constituency and aiming for a double hattrick. Though there’s no doubt on his victory, people have started betting on the majority of votes with which Harish Rao wins.

More than anyone else, it seems his cousin KTR has a more keen interest on the majority. Both the leaders have met Gurral Gondhi village and discussed on various issues. Interestingly, KTR who wished Harish Rao to win with a vast majority of 1 lakh votes also said that he would at least win by a half percentage than him.

Though there have been speculations that KCR’s family is trying to suppress Harish Rao, both the leaders have denied and said they stay united always. The Siddipet constituency which elected KCR four times on behalf of TDP since 1985, later gave five chances to Harish Rao to serve them. Despite, the Prajakutam is making all its efforts to defeat TRS, the party is quite confident in the victory.

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