Irrespective of how you slice and dice it, food and love are inextricably tied. It’s widely known that there is no greater love in this world than the love for food. While some eat to be happy, some eat in sadness and some eat just for the sake of eating! Despite various reasons, if you’re showing these symptoms then you definitely love food more than anything else in this world.

While the Americans are largely obsessed with Pizzas, Burgers, and Bread, different countries have their unique identity with their famous foods.

Usually, certain dishes carry a national identity for their unique taste. However, there are some countries which do not have an official national dish. In such countries, some dishes have gained so much importance, they are considered the de facto – although unofficial – national dish. In some cases, national dishes have been decided through general public voting by organizations (that may or may not have an affiliation from the government).

Canada: Poutine

Poutine is a delicious dish that is served across Canada. It’s a hearty dish of French fries, fresh cheese curds, and brown gravy. Poutine is famous for its “day after” curative powers, and crowds of revelers can be found digging into piping hot bowls of the stuff late at night or later the next day in Montreal and the rest of Quebec, not to mention many parts of Canada and border states in the U.S.

Taste of Poutine

Poutine is quite delicious and forces you to eat more than your actual appetite would ever dictate. Freshly made fries cooked until perfectly crispy, squeaky fresh cheese curds cut into small pieces, and well-seasoned made-from-scratch gravy can come together beautifully, no matter how odd the combination may sound to the uninitiated.

Colombia: Arepa with Cheese

The arepa is a type of tortilla made from corn. The native peoples who inhabited what is now Colombia and Venezuela were the creators of Arepa, which eventually became an integral part of Colombia’s cuisine.

Arepas are crispy on the outside with a soft and creamy center. They have a milder corn flavor than tortillas or tamales and are nice to have on your plate for soaking up the juices of cooked meat, beans or aji salsa.

Arepas are scrumptious slathered with butter or cream cheese for breakfast or as an accompaniment to any meal.

Colombian arepas tend to be thinner than the Venezuelan variety. Venezuelan arepas are often stuffed with meat and cheese to make sandwiches, such as the famous reina pepiada. Arepas can also be grilled or deep-fried and are sometimes prepared with other grains such as fresh corn, hominy or quinoa.

Finland: Karelian Pie

A Karelian Pasty is an open pastry shell filled with rice porridge. It is also called karjalanpiirakka and Karelian Pie. The dish originated in Karelia, a historical territory that lay between Finland and Russia. In modern times, it is considered Finland’s national dish. Karelian Pasties are usually eaten with a side dish called munavoi.

Taiwan: Beef noodle soup

Taiwanese beef noodle soup is to Taiwan what pizza is to NYC or pasta to Italy. It’s the lifeblood of Taiwan, you can find it everywhere in Taipei. Even in NYC, we haven’t found a Taiwanese beef noodle soup we love, there are varying ways to make this dish.

Taiwanese beef noodle soup is a dish you should explore the flavors and make it your own memory, play with the seasonings, the broth.

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