Is Manchu Manoj quitting films?

Despite talent and an influential film background, Manchu Manoj is one of those unluckiest heroes in Tollywood who couldn’t establish himself as a successful hero.
The actor who hardly had any hit in his decade-and-half long career has surprised everyone by tweeting that he is leaving for Tirupathi to stay there for some months.

It led to speculations that Manoj would bid adieu to acting and might join the politics soon. However, nothing has been officially confirmed.
In a letter shared by Manoj on social media, he said that he is seeking inner peace.
“One has to stop running for a while. To find purpose, today or tomorrow, everyone has to get out of the river to find direction,” he said in a statement.
“Everything I did for my satisfaction and for the happiness of people around… And then I stopped running and stayed to think about what really makes me happy and gives me peace… And I found my inner peace in TIRUPATHI… Now I wish to start something from Tirupathi and spread it across the globe… something there which would help the youth. So have decided to shift to Tirupathi for a few months.” He announced that he is making temple city of Tirupathi his base henceforth.
However, he asked all not to speculate about his political and movie career.
“Now please don’t draw any conclusions about my film career or political career. My passion for films is never ending… My thirst to do different roles can never die. I am embarking on my new journey, where the destination is the journey,” he further tweeted.