Is Pawan Kalyan endorsing Divide and Rule' policy?

‘Divide and Rule’ was the best policies the British had implemented to rule India for centuries and the politicians in India are still following the same in terms of dividing people by caste, religion, and region. Sadly, few politicians with great ideologies too are following the same path.

Has Pawan Kalyan who formed Jana Sena with an aim to bring a drastic change in the politics following the same path? Though his ideologies and his thought-provoking speeches are getting wider applauses, the path he has chosen has been receiving constant criticism.
Pawan Kalyan, who is touring the backward districts of Uttarandhra has been fighting for the justice of these districts which is quite appreciable. But, one thing that’s receiving constant flak is Pawan Kalyan citing hints of separate statehood for Uttarandhra if the development takes a back seat. The same methodology was seen in Pawan’s speeches while he was in Rayalaseema region.
Now, all eyes are set on Pawan Kalyan’s next tour in the coastal and Guntur, and Krishna districts. It’s surprising and sad to see Pawan Kalyan who lamented over the bifurcation citing hints of another bifurcation.