Is Pawan Kalyan scared to contest in Telangana?

Actor and Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan who is busy with his election campaign in Andhra Pradesh hasn’t given any clarity on his party’s stance in Telangana. Though earlier he declared that Jana Sena would be contesting in 119 constituencies in Telangana, he seems to be in a second thought now. It’s heard that Pawan Kalyan is not fully confident of winning in Telangana and feared that if the party doesn’t get respectful seats in Telangana, it would leave a huge impact in Andhra Pradesh elections.

At one point of time, Pawan Kalyan has even decided not to field anyone from Telangana but changed his mind later as it would wrong signals to the people that Jana Sena is scared to contest. After a long wait, Pawan Kalyan has decided to contest from 20 constituencies and would reveal all the details in the next few days. It remains to be seen whether Jana Sena would contest without any alliance or teams up with CPI(M).