On Friday, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy declared his assets while filing nomination for Pulivendula Assembly constituency in Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh. He owns assets of more than Rs 375 crore but does not own a vehicle. He submitted in the affidavit that the four bulletproof vehicles were owned by others but registered in his name.

In 2014, Mr Reddy had declared total assets of Rs 343 crore.

His movable assets were over Rs 339 crore while immovable assets were worth more than Rs 35 crore.

The assets of his wife YS Bharathi Reddy have also gone up to Rs 124 crore against Rs 71 crore in 2014. This includes movable assets of Rs 92 crore and immovable assets of over Rs 31 crore.

Their two daughters together have movable assets of Rs 11 crore.

He added that his total investments were Rs 317 crore while that of wife were Rs 62 crore.

He showed his income during 2017-18 as Rs 25.89 crore against Rs 2.90 crore in the previous year.

Also, he owns non-agricultural land worth Rs 8.42 crore, commercial building valued at Rs 14.46 crore, a residential property in Hyderabad worth Rs 12 crore.

His liabilities were only Rs 1.19 crore. However, liabilities in the form of income tax to the tune of Rs 66.68 crore were under dispute. His wife also had Rs 6.75 crore liabilities under dispute.

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