Jamili Elections: Modi's plan flops

Of late, there’s been a huge buzz around ‘Jamili Elections’ and many are confused what ‘Jamili Elections’ really means. While the Indian word “Jamili or Zamili” means paired or coupled, the word Jamili elections refer to the concept of “One nation – One election”. Prime Minister Modi, in 2016 had given the idea of holding simultaneous elections to the Lok Sabha, Assembly, and local bodies. He said that frequent elections affect the functioning of bureaucracy.
However, Modi’s dream of ‘Jamili Elections’ may remain a dream as most of the political parties are against it. The Law Commission has been inviting the opinions on ‘Jamili Elections’ for the past two days in Delhi. While TRS, Shiromani Akalidal, AIADM, and Samajwadi party in favor, TDP, Trinamool Congress, AAP, DMK, CPI, CPI(M), Janatha-Dal (S), Forward Block, and Goa Forward party have disagreed with the idea. On the other hand, BJP, and Congress are still silent on the idea.

While BJP requested till 31st July to give their opinion, Congress wants to discuss with the other parties and hence requested for some more time (Law Commission ends on 31st August).
Arguments in support of Jamili elections (One India, One election)
While some parties like TRS support the Jamili Elections saying it will save public money, other parties like TDP are accusing that it’s against the constitution and it’s a part of Modi’s plan to weaken the regional parties. On the whole, great opposition from most of the political parties has put Modi’s government in a defense mode.