JC Diwakar Reddy stages protest in Tadipatri Mandal

Tensed situations arouse in Anantapur district Tadipatri districts Pedda Podamala, and Chinna Podamala villages. A brawl took place between the Pedda Podamala villagers and Prabodandha Swamy organizers of the Chinna Podamala village during the Ganesh immersion process. Around 12 persons were injured and protestors have burnt 6 vehicles.

The MP JC Diwakar Reddy who went to support the villagers was obstructed by the Police in the outskirts of Pedda Podamala village. The police who felt the situations would go out of control with the intervention of JC had stopped him. An irked JC staged a protest on the road against the Police.