JD Laxmi Narayana finds fault with Chandrababu Naidu

Chandra Babu Naidu’s decision to ostracize the CBI to conduct any raids in AP has caught the nation’s attention and everyone has been discussing on the same. JD Laxmi Narayana, who worked with the CBI reacted to the same.

He said that though the state government has every right to initiate such actions, it’s the state’s responsibility to reveal the reason behind blacklisting the CBI. He also blamed the AP government for blaming the entire CBI department for a few culprits. He also said that it’s like blaming the entire hospital for the fault of a single doctor.

Speaking to the media in Vijayawada, Laxmi Narayana said that the state government’s decision would only help the employees in the central government to commit more frauds.
He also said that it’s not possible for the ACB to carry the raids and investigations as the CBI. Laxminarayana also warned such decisions would hamper the democracy. He also reminded that the CBI had regained its powers in the mining cases in Karnataka.