On Tuesday, Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao slammed BJP for pursuing its brand of Hindutva ahead of the elections and accused it of trying to garner votes by spreading hatred against other religions.

While addressing a massive rally in Nizamabad, he said, “Is BJP a political party or a religious outfit? What business does it have to decide the birthplaces of Rama and Krishna or for that matter, Kamsa, Duryodha, Soorpanaka or Satyabhama?”

He added, “If there is a dispute on Ayodhya, it will be settled by the judiciary. Why should political parties interfere in religious matters and talk about it in the elections? It is a matter to be decided by peethapadhis (seers) and courts, but not by political parties.”

“Have the taken any patented rights on Hinduism? Are we not Hindus? Don’t we perform pujas and other Hindu rituals? Don’t we celebrate Hindu festivals with religious fervour? Every poor family has a photo of one or the other God at home or at least a calendar of Hindu gods. Are they not Hindus?” he asked.

He further stated, “Their Hindutva is bogus. What we practise every day is the real Hindutva. We perform yagams and at the end of every ritual, we chant hymns preach universal peace and brotherhood.”

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