Kill me in public if I am wrong, TDP MLA challenges Pawan Kalyan

Bandaru Satyanarayana Murthy, the TDP MLA from Pendurthy constituency threw an open challenge to Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan. He dared Pawan Kalyan to prove the allegations of land grabbing against him or his son.
Reacting Pawan Kalyan’s allegations on him in his public meeting in Visakhapatnam, Bandaru said if he and his family had really grabbed hundreds of acres of land, the media would have exposed it by now.
“I have been in politics for several decades and served both as MLA and minister. Not a single allegation was levelled against me whether I was in ruling party or in the opposition. How can he say that I have amassed wealth worth hundreds of crores?” he asked.

Bandaru also said that Pawan Kalyan has no political knowledge and he is just reading out the scripts given by someone else.
“I will send all my election affidavits to Pawan. Let him verify the assets declared in my affidavits and the ones I have now. If he can prove that I have even one rupee extra than what I have declared in the affidavits, I am ready for any punishment. Pawan Kalyan’s fans can hang me or kill me in public,” he said.
He asked Pawan to constitute any committee or lodge any complaint with any authority to prove charges against him.
“But he should not make wild allegations. I can also make a lot of comments against Pawan, but I won’t do it because he is a public figure,” the TDP MLA said.