Kiran Bedi's heated argument with Puducherry MLA

The Gandhi Jayanathi celebrations in Uppalam in Puducherry saw a heated argument with Lt Governor Kiran Bedi and AIADMK MLA A Anbalagan. The argument broke out during the MLA’s speech when he was criticizing the functioning of Kiran Bedi while she was present on stage. He claimed that no work been done in his constituency under Bedi.

In his speech, Anbalagan began listing out the projects which were promised but have not yet begun. On listening to his objections, Kiran Bedi reached out to him to placate him. She tried to assure him that the work will begin. However, the MLA refused to budge. He kept up with his allegations against Kiran Bedi and criticizing her functioning.
Irked by his baseless allegations, Kiran Bedi asked the officials to turn off his mic. Angered by the same, the MLA started shouting at the Lt Governor.
As can be seen in the video, Kiran Bedi repeatedly asks him to step off the stage. The MLA in turn, shouted back at her, asking her to get down from the stage instead.