Konda Surekha breathes fire on KCR

Former Warangal (East) MLA Konda Surekha, who was only known as the ‘firebrand’ leader breathed fire KCR and his family. She accused KCR of insulting her apart from denying the party ticket in the upcoming elections. Surekha compared KCR’s rule to Tuglak’s rule and criticized him for cheating a woman of the BC community. She also blamed that KCR hasn’t stepped into the Secretariat as no women were given place in the Cabinet.
Konda Surekha fumed at KCR for giving Rajyasabha ticket to a person who supplies medicine to him and blamed him for not replying to her questions even after 12 days. Surekha made these allegations at a press meet held in Somajiguda.
She further said that it was KCR’s family which reaped the maximum benefits after Telangana formation and slammed him for denying permission to the public representatives to meet him. She also accused TRS MP and KCR’s daughter Kavitha unfit to lift the Golden Bhatukamma.
Surekha also accused KCR of playing mean tricks to make his son KTR as the next CM of Telangana and said that people never wished to see his daughter Kavitha and son KTR as the leaders, but wished to see her daughter as an MLA.