KTR moved by a kid's letter

KTR, the young and dynamic leader of TRS who remain active on the social media was moved by a young girl’s letter to him. A six-year-old-kid had written a letter to KTR to help him the poor children with food, shelter, and education. Moved by her kind gesture, KTR assured her the needed help.

‘Dear KTR Uncle I am Supriya, 6-years-old studying 1st Class at St. Pious School, Alwal Hills. Kids are begging at Suchitra Junction. I request you to provide food, shelter, and education for them in this regard. I would like to donate my Kiddy Bank amount Rs. 2000 by meeting you.
Thanks, Supriya, Alwal’.
The girl’s father had tweeted a snapshot of the letter to KTR on Twitter. Soon, they received a reply from the official account of KTR, thanking the little girl, and promising that the government would take care of the children, the girl has mentioned.