TRS Working President K.T. Rama Rao described Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu as a ‘confused man’ and added that he was at the end of his political career and on the way out after the coming elections.

He said, “The writing on the wall (the outcome of AP polls) is clear. If people are not willing to see, it is a different thing. Naidu is on his way out… He (Naidu) is at the fag end of his political career. I think people of Andhra will decide to basically grant a long leave to Chandrababu Naidu.”

He added, “Chandrababu seems to be like very confused man. He calls it an election between KCR garu and TDP which is very strange. Secondly we would want to ensure that the people of Andhra make a wise choice and therefore we believe, in the interest of Andhra Pradesh we would like to appeal at a later date and our chief minister will decide whento make that appeal.”

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