It’s always advisable to have a clear understanding without any thought-gap between the couple to maintain a healthy relationship. People should understand each other and respect other’s ideas and give them some space to strengthen the relationship. But, it’s no easy as said.

When analyzed the reasons for differences between the partners, it’s found that selfishness is one of the main reasons for the differences in any relationship.

Here are some reasons which affect the relationship.

You want your partner to listen to all your ideas, and dreams, but you never bother to give importance to the thoughts of your partner.

When you feel you can’t win your partner in a debate, it’s not called maturity trying to treat your partner the way you like.

You never tend to come out of your narrow-mindedness.

Blaming your partner as selfish repeatedly and hail yourself as an unselfish person.

Feeling insecure when your partner is setting everything right is a dangerous sign.

Not showing any keen interest on the needs of your partner and expecting your partner to take care of your needs.

Threatening to end the relationship in time of crisis just to satisfy your ego.

The researchers are advising to let the ego and selfishness go to maintain a healthy and beautiful relationship.

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