Malayalam actor Alencier got into my bed, accuses fellow actress

The #MeToo movement has also reached Malayalam film industry. Actor Alencier Ley Lopez found himself in the MeToo allegations as actress Divya Gopinath accused him of sexually harassing her.
In a blog post shared by Facebook page India Protests, the actress, who had first posted an anonymous account, alleged that Alencier tried to molest her several times while they were shooting for a film. On Tuesday, however, Gopinath revealed her identity on Facebook.

“He [Alencier] walked right into my room with a woman co-actor and advised me about the freedom of an artist and the importance of knowing one’s body. He insulted me for being so weak irrespective of my theatre background. My instincts asked me to throw him out of the room. But I decided to go with the flow, due to his seniority and the presence of a co-actor” the blog post read.
She added that the Alencier kept staring at her and “rolled his tongue in all possible dirty manner of a sexually frustrated man.”
The actress wrote that Alencier had entered her room and ‘crept’ onto her bed.
“Feeling a strange presence, I woke up shocked. This man is lying so close to me and is asking ‘are you sleeping?’ I jumped up. But he caught me by hand and pulled me back saying ‘lie down for some more time’. I shouted at him with all my might and even my roommate heard me in the bathroom.”