Mamta Mohandas: If a woman gets into trouble, she is responsible for it

Malayalam actress Mamta Mohandas voiced her opinion about the victims of sexual assault and stirred a controversy.
In a recent interview, she said, “I don’t know if I should be saying this, but if a woman gets into trouble, I feel somewhere she is responsible for it. Because if I have gotten into any sort of trouble where I have felt that someone has spoken to me with disrespect or in this situation, a sexual assault or a sexual abuse or anything indicative towards that manner, I feel I would have entertained some part of it.”

Mamta quickly cleared the air saying that she is not pointing fingers at anyone specifically nor does she think that it should happen to anybody.
The actress also revealed that she doesn’t think that there is a need for Women in Cinema Collective. She elaborated saying, “It was formed when I wasn’t here. If you ask me would I have been a part of it if I was here, maybe not. It’s not because I am against or for it. I just don’t have an opinion.”
Speaking about the actress assault case, she exclaimed, “During the press meet, they had asked me what I had to say about the actress assault incident. I said that in my knowledge, it was something that should have been discussed and resolved a few years ago. I know when the issue (between the actor and the assaulted actress) had erupted; it was not when the incident had happened. It was much before that. So, everybody who were part of what happened were very much aware of the mess they were getting into.”