Babies are a bundle of joy as they bring never-ending happiness with every little thing they do – be it yawning, smiling or even holding your finger. Of course, everyone aspires to be a parent and when that is your own baby, the joyous feeling is just beyond description.

But, the dreams can be shattered due to miscarriage which is highly common according to the most conservative of estimates. However, miscarriage often leads to depression and loneliness in most women.

Though people often believe that it’s only the women who undergo the mental trauma, the pain and agony of men usually go unnoticed an undiagnosed.

“It’s almost a call to action,” said Kate Kripke, a clinical social worker and the founder of the Postpartum Wellness Center in Boulder, Colorado. “We need more outreach to help men with loss and to get the right kind of support. It’s a problem, for sure.”

Kripke, who dealt with many such cases said that for most women, the experience of miscarriage is emotional; they mourn the loss of something they already felt deeply connected to. For many men, it’s more logistical; they see a change in circumstances (my wife was pregnant, now she’s not) and a problem they try and work through by talking about next steps, like trying to get conceive again.

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