Mid-term polls in America: Trump turns emotional

America is heading to the mid-term polls today for the first time since Donald Trump has been elected as the President of America with majorities in both the House of Representatives and the Senate hanging in the balance.

Midterm elections are widely viewed as a referendum as the political analysts. Over 30 million voters are showing keen interest to cast their votes. These mid-term elections are crucial for Trump as the people of America will decide his political future.

Out of 435 members in the house, 235 are the Republicans and 193 are the Democrats and surprisingly, it’s the Democrats who are looking to create history in this elections.

On the other hand, Trump insisted that the Democratic Party does not have the midterm momentum that its leaders have claimed, proclaiming that “the blue wave is dead.” He also expressed his confidence in winning the mid-term elections as his government has done a world of good to America in these two years.