Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu backstabbed Telugu Desam Party founder NTR twice. He added that Naidu is daydreaming of becoming Prime Minister though he failed as the Chief Minister.

He further added that Chandrababu Naidu backstabbed NTR for a second time by joining hands with the Congress.

The PM said, “It was NTR who led ‘Congress-mukt’ Bharat movement with anti-Congress National Front, but today his son-in-law bowed his head before Congress to save his power. NTR was a true icon of Telugu pride. NTR never forgot Congress for hurting Telugu pride and for betrayal of Telugu interests. Today those in power in Andhra Pradesh are so desperate to cling to their power that they betrayed Telugu interests and stabbed NTR in the back for second a time.”

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