The fashion companies don’t hesitate to do anything to win the ‘Page 3’ community and often land legal troubles in the process. This year is no exception and top six fashion brands have landed in controversies.

Here are the top six more blunders that ruled the fashion news cycle in 2018:

1. The Zara Jacket Seen ’Round The World

Melania Trump, the wife of American President Donald Trump and controversies often go hand in hand. She was often criticized for her outfits especially. Recently, when she visited the Harvey cyclone victims near the Mexico borders, her jacket drew all the flak on which it was written with the words “I Really Don’t Care Do U?” printed across the back.

Her outfit was called “inappropriate” and “callous and unacceptable” and even compared her to the devil. However, her press secretary claimed it was “just a jacket.”

2. Dolce & Gabbana’s “Great Show” Debacle

The leading brand Dolce & Gabbana has to face severe criticism and being accused of racism after it canceled a Shanghai fashion show, which was just about to start.

The controversy began after Dolce & Gabbana shared videos on Instagram in which an Asian model attempted to eat Italian food with chopsticks. The actual idea was to promote the Shanghai event through the videos which the brand had dubbed “The Great Show,” but instead they sparked anger online.

The users on the Chinese social media platform Weibo accused the Dolce & Gabbana of trivializing Chinese culture and presenting a racist view of women.

Gabbana and fellow co-founder Domenico Dolce have since apologized for the debacle in a video posted online and in a statement shared on Instagram.

3. Victoria’s Secret Boss’s Shady Comments

The Victoria Secret fashion show which usually tops the shows turned a damp squib this year. The interview by brand exec Ed Razek to Vogue magazine has led to criticism. He said that it’s a 42-minute pure entertainment and they don’t use the plus-size and transgender models in the show.

Within no time, plenty of folks on Twitter, including trans model Carmen Carrera, criticized both Razek and VS after their comments and he was forced to tend apologies later.


4. Revolve Misses The Mark With “Being Fat Is Not Beautiful” T-Shirt

The ‘Revolve’ garment tried to create differences between the fat and thin with the caption ‘Being Fat is Not Beautiful it’s an excuse’ on the T-shirt. Irked by their slogan which is insulting the fat and obsessed, the body-positive advocate shared a screenshot of the garment on Twitter, writing, “LOLLLLL @REVOLVE y’all are a mess.”

5. Fashion Designer Silvia Ulson Accused Of Plagiarism

The plagiarism woe didn’t spare even the Swimwear label Bfyne. The brand accused Brazilian fashion designer Silvia Ulson of plagiarism after seeing Ulson’s collection at Miami Swim Week this summer.

6. Gigi Hadid’s “Blackface” Blunder

Though ‘Blackface’ doesn’t have an impressive track record in the fashion world, it hits headlines with a new controversy every year. This year, it was the turn of model Gigi Hadid to receive all the flak. She appeared on the cover of Vogue Italia sporting a suspiciously dark tan. People started blaming her of wearing the black tan just to insult the black models.

The criticism forced the model to apologize. Gigi Hadid shared a statement on Twitter along with a photo of herself post-shoot, with bronze makeup still on her face.

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