Cast: Akhil Akkineni, Nidhi Aggerwal, Hyper Adi, Priyadarshi, and others
Director: Venky Atluri
Producer: BVSN Prasad
Music: SS Thaman
Release date: 25th January 2019

After two heavy disappointments with ‘Akhil’, and ‘Hello’, Akhil Akkineni is all set to test his luck with ‘Mr. Majnu’ which hit the screens today. Let’s see whether Akhil can score a hit with this movie or not.


Nikky (Nidhi Aggerwal), and Vikky (Akhil) are NRIs based in London. While Nikky is a girl who carries high expectations for the man who she is going to marry, Vikky is a big-time flirt who doesn’t believe in constant relationships.

Just like other girls, Vikky tries to impress Nikky with his flirtatious side, but Nikky starts disliking him. However, she starts realizing his true side when both travel to India for their cousin’s marriages and proposes to him. to him a two-month love relationship. However, Vikky always discourages her saying he’s not a suitable guy for her and rejects after the 60 day period. A hurt Nikky returns to the UK. After realizing his mistake, Vikky wants back her in his life and travels to the UK to win her love back. Rest of the story is whether he can impress her or not.


Akhil’s performance
Feel-good moments in the first half
High production values


Forced emotions at times
Less comedy


Final Report:

Mr. Majnu is a new-age love story in which Akhil plays a Casanova. With an impressive first half, an average second half, the movie has a good mix of family, and emotional elements.

Akhil fits the role perfectly and Nidhi Aggerwal is pretty good. Thaman’s music is another major highlight for the movie. Though there are no dull movements, the movie doesn’t have high movements either which makes it a decent watch.

Akhil, who is in a desperate need for a hit can heave a huge sigh of relief with this movie.

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