Several reports surfaced saying that Netflix and Hotstar are planning to censor content in India. As per a report in Reuters, the platforms are planning to adopt self-regulation guidelines for content streamed on their platforms in India in an effort to prevent potential government censorship.

As seen by Reuters, a draft of an unofficial code that will be adopted by Netflix, Hotstar and other local players said that the platforms would prohibit content that shows a child “engaged in real or simulated sexual activities”, is disrespectful of India’s national flag or encourages “terrorism”.

Reports further added that Amazon Inc’s Prime Video will not sign the code, though it helped draft it, as the company does not want to act in the absence of government-mandated regulation.

Amazon Prime Video said in a statement it is assessing the situation but believes “the current laws are adequate”. 

Netflix and Star India, the parent of Hotstar, did not respond to the same.

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