Though the results are yet to be declared officially, TRS’s victory is inevitable. But, the biggest worry for other parties is the way TRS has been leading in the segments that were never in favor of TRS. In a shocking move, Revanth Reddy is likely to be defeated in the hand of TRS candidate in Kodangal constituency. The Congress had already lost the Jagityal seat and even Konda Surekha is all likely to face the defeat.

Another major worry is the Kukatapply constituency where TDP had a stronghold due to a majority of the settlers. Though Balakrishna, Kalyan Ram, and NTR have campaigned for Suhasini, she’s on the verge of losing and Chandrababu’s plans to attract the settlers failed big time.

With Kuktapally’s result almost out, several speculations are doing rounds that NTR should take over the TDP and replace Lokesh in Andhra Pradesh. However, NTR who campaigned for TDP in 2009 has been maintaining distance from the politics since 2014. It remains to be seen whether NTR would consider foraying into politics or happy doing his films.

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