Olay has developed the ‘Future You Simulation’ app and is terrifying the users as it show how they will age in the future. The app unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show also gives some useful tips on how to maintain the youthful glow.

The simulator is already available in China and is set to arrive soon in the U.S.

The app studies the user’s face and runs an algorithm that’s trained to recognize particular areas that are likely change as they get older.

The app analyzes you face once you upload a selfie and enter the age and ethnicity.

Interestingly, the app allows the users to see how they’ll look when they’re 20 years younger or older. Also, it looks for discoloration or blemishes on the user’s face, usually caused by sun damage.

It also shows fast vs. slow aging, how the skin will change with no sunscreen use vs. daily sunscreen use and other settings.

‘With this knowledge, users will be able to personalize their skincare regimen even further to help prevent potential long-term skin concerns specifically highlighted in their individual results,’ Olay explained.

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