Pakistan snatches terror suspect from India's grasp

Just a few days after the Malaysian government refused to deport Islamic preacher Zakir Naik, wanted in connection with hate speeches and money-laundering, India has suffered another diplomatic setback.

The United Arab Emirates government had refused to hand over Chhota Shakeel aide Farooq Devdiwala to India and instead handed over him to Pakistan. Shockingly, Pakistan claimed him as their national which is not in fact.
Devdiwala has been absconding for 17 years and he is a crucial link as he is believed to be in contact with ISI members as well as terror cells in Pakistan. Earlier involved in D-gang operations in Gujarat, he has a lot of information related to Dawood and Chhota Shakeel too.
Devdiwala has also been involved in training two Indians. The two Indians Devdiwala had arranged terror training for in Pakistan have been identified as Faizal Mirza, a relative of his, and Allaharakha Munsuri. Both Mirza and Munsuri are currently in Maharashtra ATS’s custody.
As the UAE helped Pakistan snatch him away from India’s grasp, it’s widely speculated that Dawood Ibrahim might have influenced the government in this aspect.