They neither have property, nor they have a powerful background but today they are the candidates of Janasena Party in the upcoming assembly election. Introducing the ‘new age’ politics for real, actually, Pawan Kalyan is becoming the talking point everywhere right now through our prime media ignores it completely.

రైతుకూలీ కొడుక్కి జనసేన టికెట్

Firstly we have young man Gowri Shankar who is fighting as MLA from Parvatipuram, Vizianagaram district. His father Gongada Gumpaswamy is an agriculture labourer, while mother Appayyamma is a vegetable vendor. And this young chap is a part of Jana Sena Leadership Program we hear.

Then we have Gedela Chaitanya who is contesting on JSP ticket from Pathapatnam in Srikakulam district. He happens to be the son of a retired bus conductor and is an activist who worked for Uddanam issue in the district. Touched by his social service, Pawan gave him a ticket to contest as MLA.

In the above said two constituencies, actually Pawan has extensively toured earlier and he has strong support among masse and youths there. But only the victory of these contestants will assure that an election could be won even without money.

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