Reason behind Sarveswara Rao's death revealed

The brutal killing of TDP MLA Sarveswara Rao today morning has led to several speculations. As per the sources, the Quarry issue is the main reason for his murder. Sarveswara Rao, who was in Araku valley till 11 in the morning had left to Niminipattu village of Damriduga Mandal and he was surrounded by 60 Maoists while discussing with the villagers.

He discussed the issues in the agency area and the Maoists seems to demand the closure of Quarry as it’s affecting the nature. The MLA who was against the demand asked the Maoists to solve the problem amicably rather than going for warnings. Irked by this, the Maoists have opened fire and killed Sarveswara Rao and his aide.

But, as per another story, around 200 Maoists have attacked the Bus and asked everyone to leave except Sarveswara Rao, and his aide. Later, after failing to convince them to close the Quarry, the Maoists opened firing and killed them.