Rebels front in Telangana

The seat-sharing controversy in the Mahakutami has raised its ugly head again and few leaders of the Mahakutami breathed fire on Uttam Kumar Reddy and Kunthia of playing a foul game.
Boda Janardhan blasted at Kunthia and Uttam Kumar Reddy saying they both cheated them in the name of Mahakutami. He accused them of giving a ticket to candidates who lost thrice. He also threatened to form ‘Telangana Rebels front’ with 40 members.

Speaking at the press meet Vijaya Rama Rao said that there’s no integrity and sincerity in the Congress. He accused the leaders of allotting tickets to their followers and dear ones. Vijaya Rama Rao also raised doubts whether the T-Congress leaders have given the tickets as per Rahul Gandhi’s order.
He also blamed the leaders for giving tickets to the gangsters and people with no moral and ethical values.
Dharmapuri Ravinder said that the ticket allotment has been done casually and said that the party failed to live on its words. He accused the T-Congress leaders of giving tickets to people who have lost thrice and who couldn’t even get 30,000 majority. He also blamed them for giving the ticket to Adluri Laxman who lost four times.