Rename Taj Mahal as Ram Mahal, demands BJP MLA

It seems there’s no end to the Taj Mahal controversy which is being hailed as one of the best man-made monuments in the world is even considered as one of the several wonders of the world. The controversy started with the UP CM Yogi Adityanath removing the monument from tourism booklet of UP. Later, BJP leader Sangeet Som has made the matters worse calling Taj Mahal a blot on Indian culture which was built by the traitors and there’s nothing to proud of the monument.



BJP Rajya Sabha member Vinay Katiyar went ahead and alleged that Taj Mahal was the Lord Shiva’s temple which was demolished by the emperor Shahjahan. Now, another BJP MLA Surendra Singh demanded the government to either rename Taj Mahal as Ram Mahal or Krishna Mahal or Rashtrabhakt Mahal or Shivaji Mahal. Surendra Singh also demanded the government to rename the names of the roads and historical monuments built by the Muslims. This BJP MLA is not new to controversies. A few days ago, he stirred a big controversy by comparing Modi to Lord Rama and Mamata Banerjee to Shurpanaka.