Retired English Teacher finds a plethora of errors in the letter from Trump

Yvonne Mason, a retired English teacher from Atlanta was shocked to see a letter from President Donald Trump’s office with a plethora of grammatical errors in it. A veteran pedagogue in English naturally sent it back to the White House with citing the errors and making necessary corrections.
Yvonne Mason, who taught at Hughes Middle School and Mauldin High School in Greenville for 17-long years before retiring last year, said had it been written by a high-school student, it wouldn’t have passed.
Making some necessary correction and explaining why it was wrong, Mason identified several incorrect capitalizations of words such as “president” and “state” and “federal”. Posting the photo of the corrected version on Facebook, she wrote, “Got a letter from Mr. Trump. Will be returning it tomorrow.” The letter quickly garnered a lot of attention on the social media platform and several others joined into a troll.