A new study has revealed that closely related relatives with Alzheimer’s disease could be a warning sign and if a cousin or a grandparent has Alzheimer’s disease, then it may raise your risk of getting it.

Study added that two cousins with Alzheimer’s disease can raise someone’s risk by 17 percent.

More than half of people with Alzheimer’s have a specific gene that triples the risk of getting it, and other genes passed down through families are also thought to lead to the condition.

Dr Lisa Cannon-Albright, who led the study from the University of Utah, said, “Family history is an important indicator of risk for Alzheimer’s disease, but most research focuses on dementia in immediate family members, so our study sought to look at the bigger family picture.”

Dr Lisa Cannon added, “We found that having a broader view of family history may help better predict risk. These results potentially could lead to better diagnoses and help patients and their families in making health-related decisions.”

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