The murder mystery of Express TV MD Chigrurupati Jayaram is taking several twists and turns. The police who took Rakesh Reddy, the prime accused into custody has been investigating the case in all angles.

As per the reports, the police suspect rowdy-sheeter Nagesh’s role in the murder as he along with Rakesh Reddy trapped Jayaram by chatting as a lady on the WhatsApp. In their investigation, the police have revealed that they kidnapped Jayaram and took his signature on the white paper.

The police have taken Nagesh, and Anji Reddy, Chokkaram into custody after it’s confirmed that Nagesh has been maintaining close relations with Rakesh Reddy since the past few years. On the other hand, Banjara Hills have started interrogating Jayaram’s niece Shika Chowdary.

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