As per reports, scientists are confident that they will be able to clone an extinct horse species. They are confident in extracting cells from a 42,000 year old preserved body in order to clone its prehistoric species back to life.

As per ‘The Siberian Times’, a source at the North East Federal University in Yakutsk – the world’s coldest city – which is hosting the work, said, “Researchers are confident of success of the project.”

The source added, “The attempts will continue until the end of April this year.”

Dr Lena Grigoryeva, a leading Russian researcher on the project, said, “There are seven researchers involved in the (foal) project on the Korean side and everyone is positive about the outcome.”

The preserved body was no more than two weeks old when it died. The researchers see the ‘Jurassic Park’ attempt to restore the long-gone Lenskaya breed of horse as paving the way for later success in returning the giant woolly mammoth.

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