Senior Congress leader Jagga Reddy gets the bail

Senior Congress leader Jagga Reddy who was arrested in the human trafficking case was granted bail by the Nampally court today with a conditional bail.
He was granted bail on the condition that he will appear before the market police station every Sunday with a penalty of Rs. 50,000. Jagga Reddy was arrested by police after the allegations of human trafficking and forgery of immigration documents.

According to police, Jagga Reddy had travelled with a woman and a child to the USA in 2004 claiming they were his wife and child. But later it was found that he had submitted fake documents and they were not his wife and kid.
As he will be out from the jail today evening, it remains to be seen whether the Congress party will still go ahead with the plan of giving the ticket to his wife Nirmala or will it give the ticket to Jagga Reddy himself.