Shocking! Doctor seeks Godman's help to treat the patient

The whole nation is taken aback by a weird incident in a Hospital in Pune. In one of the startling incidents, a Doctor had allegedly brought a godman to perform a special ritual on a patient inside an ICU ward of Pune’s prestigious Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital.

The family members of the patient have recorded the special ritual. In the 1 minute 43 second long viral video, the godman is seen performing the ritual with red flowers.
While the family member and relatives of the patient have accused the Doctor who of seeking the godman’s help, the hospital administration claimed that the doctor is not attached to the hospital.
Sandhya Ganesh Sonawane, the 24-year-old woman, was brought to Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital in serious condition on February 21 where she was being treated in the ICU. However, her condition kept on deteriorating and according to hospital administration, she died after multiple organ failures on Monday.